Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Summer Holidays - Feathers and Fights

An earlier post than normal, which would indicate an eventful morning.

I popped up to have my shower leaving the children quietly watching TV, thank goodness for that invention! I had literally just jumped out of the shower when I heard a terrible commotion from downstairs, screaming, squealing and all round noise. I quickly pulled on some clothes (I don't want to terrify the children) and raced down. I found both kids in a heap in front of the TV, the commercials were on so they were bored, apparently. The result of this instant boredom was that they decided to 'tickle' each other. After much interrogation, it turned out that the 'tickling' involved scratching, shirt pulling, hair grabbing and punching in the face!!! As a punishment the TV was turned off and the children were set a task as an act of reparation. TJ was to tidy my Mum's living room and Lea was to tidy the conservatory.

Lea dutifully set about her work and was completed in record time. TJ seemed to take much longer and was abnormally quiet. I popped my head round the door to see him surrounded by feathers. "I've decide to start collecting feathers," he told me from the downy mess, "I've found loads in here." I looked around the room to see where the source of this collection could have come from. Then I realised that my darling boy had discovered a small hole in one of Grannies cushions and was happily pulling feathers out and placing them in his collective pile. Something tells me we will be buying Granny a new cushion insert later.

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