Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Mahjong And Tigers

Firstly, apologies for the late posting.

Unfortunately I am married to a mahjong addict and he has to play constantly. However, papa plays in the online versions of the game, as there are no real 'mahjong afficionados' here in the UK. Papa is also a cheap skate, so he won't actually pay any real money to join in on the online action. Hence he now uses my own iPad as well as his in order to keep playing when his 'free' credits run out. So those of you who are reading this in Hong Kong or Singapore and are currently playing a fantastic mahjong playing white guy (gwai loh or ang moh, depending on your nationality) then the chances are it will be Papa using my name as an alias... I have never taken to mahjong, although interesting my 89 year old Nan was once banned by my Grandfather from playing as whenever she and her friends picked up those evil tiles they would be mesmerised and not stop playing until the wee small hours. Plus my Nan was convinced that whenever she lost then the other players were cheating, which i believe led to some rather fruity conversations,... The same also applies to yahtzee from which Nan was also banned... Interestingly, Papa has the same traits so I see myself turning into my Grandfather in the not too distant future... Papa, like Nan, has been known to throw yahtzee dice at people should his numbers not come up as required! Thank goodness you can't throw the tiles in an online situation, although the iPad has been flung across the room on occasion....

Our cat has still not returned, we are getting rather worried now. Lea came up with the suggestion of putting up posters around the area. Apparently she had seen this idea on an episode of Horrid Henry  (who says that television is not educational?!) and the cat had eventually been returned... Consequently we spent much of today looking for pictures of our cat to put into the ad. TJ found some lovely pictures of a tiger that he wanted to use. I explained to him that we had to put up pictures of our actual cat so that people know what he looks like and will know where he lives. TJ looked at me incredulously, "But that cat was mean and scratched me on the head!" he said. "No dear," I replied, "He scratched you because you were using his tail as a door bell."
"Oh yes," TJ admitted, "I remember.... But I would still rather have a tiger, so that's the picture I shall use...."
God knows what that would do if he pulled its tail!

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