Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Mum bought herself a new phone. So she kindly gave TJ her old one.

This was lovely of her - although it came with the warning that 'it was only for emergencies' and that he would have to 'carry it with him when he went to the park' etc.

All good.

We disabled the internet on it and popped in a pay as you go sim card which only allowed calls and texts. We learned that lesson after his older brother, KC, happily used my old iphone to watch you tube videos of his favourite cartoons and left me with a walloping bill.

So both boys are now contactable.

Except that the novelty was soon lost on KC once I removed the inrternet functions - I thought that the use of text would help his dyslexia - it doesn't and he can't be bothered to call anyone, that would be too much effort, so his phone tends to sit beside his bed where he uses it as an alarm clock and a torch in the night. The torch function he loves!

TJ on the other hand loves the text facility and uses it constantly - luckily he only has 1000 per month.

So, today the boys asked if they could play football in the park. "Only if you take your phone," I said (they didn't want me to come with them as that would not 'be cool' - apparently).

So off they skipped with the instructions to be back at 5 by the latest.

I sat down for a quiet cup of tea.
I had barely taken a sip when the phone rang for the first time, "Daddy, KC has put grass in my mouth - can you come and tell him off." I put on my best 'Dad voice' and told them if they couldn't play nicely then they had better come home - apparently, everything was ok.

I took a sip of my tea and picked up a book, the phone rang again, "Daddy, KC threw a stone and it hit my leg!" in the background I heard the wail of 'It was an accident!" 'Do I need to come and bring you home?" I asked. "No, it was fine, " I was told.

The phone then rang again. I wanted to cry...

"Daddy, its really boring here - can we come home or do we have to stay out until 5?"

So I now have both boys beside me on the sofa whilst I type - KC has just pushed TJ off - and there is now a full on fight...

Oh well, thats my idea of a quiet day destroyed - I guess we had better take the dogs out for a really, really long walk!