Monday, 20 August 2018

Gay Family Friendly Holidays

We decided to book a last minute summer holiday. Papa had some air miles to use and by the fourth week of the school summer holidays I was already running out of stuff to do with the boys. Plus, Papa was given a promotion at work, so I felt it was time for him to celebrate his hard work and also to spend some quality time with his family... seeing as how we rarely see him during the working week.

So I keyed in the air miles details and asked them to find me flights for our usual holiday destinations in Europe, Sitges, Barcelona, Malta Majorca, etc... the traditional holiday resorts where we had stayed previously and knew that being a same sex family was not going to be an issue. 

But there was nothing available... then up came flights to Sardinia . They were available on dates that suited, from our nearest airport with very nice flight times. I booked them... and then started to worry.

I quickly did a google search and found that Sardinia, whilst being seen as conservative in nature was accepting of same sex couples... all good... but what about same sex families... how would that be viewed?

Papa and I scoured the hotels and opted for one that seemed quiet, out of they way and seemed to offer everything he needed, three pools, a private beach, beautiful surroundings, peace and tranquillity. We took the plunge and booked a family room.

We were not disappointed.

Costa dei Fiori, in Pula, is divine. I am writing this from our terrace as Judy Garland plays in the distance. How gay friendly is that?! 😉

Our welcome, from a chap I think is the owner (I have yet to find out) was gorgeous. Anything we wanted he could help with, which was handy as I needed a chemist as I’d forgotten my inhalers. He called a cab for me and promised that if I couldn’t get what I needed locally he would arrange for help from the local doctor. (It was fine, the chemist was charming and sorted me out).

Today I spoke with the manager, a lovely lady who has gone out of her way to look after us... especially when TJ is so particular about everything... I told her how impressed we were with the service and the staff here. It is, after all the staff that make a hotel. Ok, it may not be a five star resort (4 I believe) but it’s definitely 5 star service. TJ finds all change difficult and holidays are often draining. But anything he wanted has been found, meals sorted... I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

As a same sex family, you do worry... and we will always be met with stares, usually of curiousity as people try to work out the relationships between us all, and one family (I think Russian) were quite obviously keeping their distance from us (but I don’t want to generalise... perhaps they just don’t like any Brits!) As a same sex family with children with difficulties, you worry even more... or I do anyway.

Would we come again... definitely!

Would we recommend it to other families, regardless of make up.... absolutely!

This place is a real gem, so please keep it to yourselves! But here’s a link anyway.... 😉