Monday, 23 July 2018

A good week!

Sometimes it feels like the only things I ever record on my blog are the negative moments - the issues etc.

And... of course, there are many but there are also many joys to adoption and to parenting in general, although they don't get as many readers oddly enough. :>

Sometimes  have to remind myself that I'm not writing a misery memoir!

But this has been a good week. I've been filling out school forms for both boys - they both have been accepted into specialist schools, albeit different ones and, as both boys have a special needs plan (EHC) they qualify for transport to and from their schools - so the school run won't be as complex as I originally feared - especially as the schools are around 10 miles apart from each other.

This weekend was my Grandmother's 95th birthday and we went along with the whole family to celebrate with her. It was lovely to see everyone and also to see how easily our boys slotted straight in with their cousins and my cousins and the cousins once removed and... well, you get the point. There were so many children that at one point we did consider playing a game of 'match the children to their parents' - just to see if anyone could remember which child belonged to whom.

TJ didn't like all the noise and was terrified that he was going to have to hug lots of people, so he went and sat outside and listened to his music in a quiet corner - but he knew that his safe place and he seemed quite happy. Later when the children all raced outside to play football in the grounds of my Nan's care home - he was in there with the rest of them.

KC, being the eldest great grandchild, was relishing the role of being 'looked up' to by the other children - literally as he is so tall now. He was the King of Cool to them - and boy, did he know it.

So we are now entering the summer holidays and now that we know exactly what's happening come September, I think we can allow ourselves to enjoy the time together - before KC becomes too cool to hang out with his dads. I don't think that is far off now.

But for now, we shall just sit back and breathe!!!!!!