Thursday, 23 August 2012

Peace and Quiet.... and Furniture Shopping!

Today the kids went off to football club for the whole day!!!!!!

I was so happy to get a break but what was just as surprising was how happy they were to have a break from me. In fact, for the past couple of days TJ has been counting down the number of sleeps until he can have a day away. I suppose I should be hurt but I am pleased that he no longer feels that he has to keep me in eyeshot in order to assume that I am not going to leave him.

This is probably subconscious but it has pervaded all areas of our lives - including the visit to the smallest room in the house (not the airing cupboard I hasten to add) but no sooner are you sat down when the knock comes on the door followed by a little voice either asking where you are (I'm in here!!!!) or letting you know that they need a wee urgently. This is coming from the king of poopers who will happily tell you how many he has done, what size and if they were 'lumpy' or not... one time he even asked me to take a picture of his poo to prove it was the biggest in the world... to be fair it probably was as I dont think he had used the facilities for nearly three days when we were away. My youngest is pretty particular about toilets - if not his own then he wont use it... the complete opposite of Lea who will go anywhere and at any time - usually at the most inconvenient time and or spot as well - note the earlier post on our visit to the new showhouse....

 Anyhow, we made sure that everyone had used the facilities etc prior to the trip to the football club and off they went as happy as sandboys (what is a sandboy and why is he always happy?????)

I then shot off to John Lewis and Marks and Spencer to have a look at Sofas. Apparently DFS have a sale on - I'm just not sure when the Summer Savings finish and the Autumn Specials begin but anyway I dont think you should shop anyplace where a sale is perpetual... I had great fun sitting on lots of sofas and chairs without constantly having to tell little ones to stop jumping or touching or hitting each other or playing on the escalators etc etc etc. I think the salesman at John Lewis got a bit suspicious as I sat on a large sofa stroking it and grinning to myself. Thank goodness we can buy them online!

I then spent the morning texting Papa with images of my selected sofas and asking opinions etc. He eventually told me he was bored and could I stop sending him stuff - just pick the one I want... well, he will be in for a shock when he sees the leopard print Armani I selected and wait till he gets the bill... serves him right! But. no, he now wants to go with me at the weekend to see them all and decide then. But that means the children will be with us and Papa wont like anything I have chosen and we will all fall out and I will have to start all over again!!!!!!!

The joys of furniture shopping. At least we got the dining table already.... next up the bedrooms and carpets!!!!!!

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