Friday, 3 August 2012

The Old Lady and the Chicken

It was a lovely welcome back for Papa last night. He walked through the door and both children launched themselves at him shouting about how much they missed him and loved him. Then Lea said can we have a family hug and the four of us had a great big 'welcome home' hug... Lovely.

Today we had to do the Sainsbury's run. My sister and her boyfriend are coming to stay tomorrow as they actually got Olympic tickets so are staying with us before they head off to the Olympic park on Sunday.

The children moaned and whinged but were eventually prised into the car and off we headed. We were halfway round the store when I realised I had lost Lea. My eldest has a habit of wandering off to 'help' me by getting things and putting them in the trolley. These usually take the form of sweets, biscuits or small toys that are cleverly hidden within the shopping trolley for me to discover at the checkout. The competition is whether or not I can spot them prior to their being scanned by the checkout assistant... Hilarious!

However, today was slightly different in that Lea could not be found in any of her usual haunts, namely the sweets or biscuits aisles. Then I heard a small voice over by the chicken counter. An elderly lady was standing slightly bemused as Lea  regaled her with the 'true' story of where the chicken in her basket had come from. Apparently, the chicken is led into a huge machine where a big blade chops its head off. Then another machine shaves all the feathers off and finally a man puts his hand up the chicken's bottom and rips out all it's guts!!!!! As I arrived Lea was proudly showing the lady in question the truth of the situation by picking up chickens and pointing out where the head had been and the big hole in the chickens bottom where the legs were now placed. She looked at her and said, "If they pulled all your guts out through your bottom do you think they would be able to get your feet in there like that?" I quickly grabbed my daughter's hand and led her away firmly reminding her that she really shouldn't be speaking to strangers.

We spent the whole of the rest of the shopping trip checking down each aisle in case the 
lady was there, but my feeling is that she raced home as fast as she could traumatised by the whole event....

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