Monday, 6 August 2012

I blame the Olympics.....

The title says it all.... Today both kids have gone Olympics mad, it began when they rushed out this morning to play 'judo' in the garden. I looked out of the window just in time to see the younger one swinging around the older one using the neck of his t shirt as a grip. Next up, wrestling.... This involved two kids rolling around on the grass for hours on end... But they seemed to like it. Then I went outside just in time to witness a bucket flying across the garden and crashing into the fence... Shot putt... Volleyball came to an early close as the ball followed the bucket over the fence...

"Why can't you practice racing?" I asked. "Cause I that's boring" came the reply in unison.

The children then decided to play in their sandpit. I went inside to prepare lunch. "The children are awfully quiet." said my Mum. Alarm bells immediately started ringing in my head. I raced outside to see that they had turned the hose onto my flower beds and had turned the whole area into a quagmire. They had then proceeded to cover themselves and each other in mud. By the time I reached them they resembled two characters from the politically incorrect series from the 1970's, the Black and White Minstrel Show.... My Mum stripped them at the door whilst I ran the bath. Luckily after that the heavens opened and both spent the rest of the afternoon glued to a strange TV show about a flatulent monkey, which they think is hilarious!

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