Friday, 31 August 2012

not so.... Brave!

Last night we took the kids to see the latest Disney Pixar offering, 'Brave' at the local cinema. This wasn't Lea's first choice - she wanted to see some horror flick that apparently 'everyone in school has seen already.' Who these parents are that take their children to adult only horror movies I dont know - but I'm sure they are not anyone Lea is acquainted with - so instead we went to see Brave... in 3D.

Its a pretty good job that we didnt listen to our eldest child's requests as within 10 minutes of the movie starting she had her hands over her ears and was crying, "make them stop, make them stop."
"Make what stop?" I asked the tearful 7 year old.
"The bagpipes" she said. I was a bit stunned, I never knew a musical instrument could have such an effect on a child. She continued, "They're evil, they shouldn't be allowed and they hurt my ears." Her reaction caused quite a stir among the packed cinema, with quite a few chuckles coming from the parents around us.

Normally, its TJ who cause this kind of commotion (see 'The Performance' for confirmation) but today it was the eldest's turn to make a spectacle of herself... and us! She didn't like anything about the film, in particular the Scottishness of it - which is wierd. She was scared by the Will-o-the-wisps, she freaked when the bears attacked (sorry if I am spoiling the 'plot' but if you are able to read this then I think you can work the plot out from about the first 5 minutes into the film - although saying that Papa was enthralled and seemed genuinely surprised by the 'twist'). Even her 3D glasses hurt her ears and her seat wasn't as comfortable as at home. Yes, £30 well spent I believe....

What was brilliant though was that, for the first time ever in a public venue, TJ sat quietly enthralled by the whole thing - normally he is hurling crticisms at the screen. When we saw The Muppets and the audience laughed, he said loudly, 'Why are you laughing, its not even funny!" and when the movie got a round of applause he turned to everyone and said, 'That was rubbish - stop clapping!" So you can see why we are a little hesitant when taking TJ out. but he loved it and all the way home regaled us with his favourite scenes - mainly the fighting ones and one 'with blood'. But at least he enjoyed it.

Tomorrow they are off to a bowling party - apparently parents don't need to stay... this leaves me with mixed emotions. Do we run off and enjoy two hours of child free bliss and risk the wrath of parents of the birthday girl or do we stay nearby 'just in case'? I think we may be willing to take the risk!!!!!!!!

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