Monday, 3 September 2012

I blame Masterchef....

Well, we have had an eventful weekend. The final weekend before my little 'darlings' go back to school. Yes, I shall be standing at the school gate waving them off with a tear or two in my eye... except mine shall be tears of joy! The minute those school gates close I am off up to London for a new hair cut, a lovely lunch and some shopping! Hopefully, I will remember to come back and collect the little scamps after their harrowing first day. I already know how it is going to go anyway. At the end of the day I shall sit with them and ask, 'How was it? How is your new teacher? What did you do?' to which the stock reply will be a shrug of the shoulders and 'I dont know'. Sometimes they remember what they had for lunch, but that is a very rare occurrence!

This weekend the children watched Masterchef on TV, there is a 'celebrity' special version of the show on at the moment. Who these 'celebrities' are I dont actually know as I have never heard of any of them - my only guess is that they are not TV chefs, of which there is an abundance. Basically, if you can follow a recipe, have a 'distinctive' voice and are not too ugly then you get a TV cookery show. I have not been approached yet but I am waiting for the phone call. I shall call it 'Cooking Like my Mother' - that involves throwing some oven chips and a Findus Crispy Pancake in the oven, ignoring the timer because " 'Pointless' is on the telly...." and then serving the blackened remains in front of the 'One Show'... except in my childhood it would have been 'Nationwide'... but you get the gist. My Mum liked to know exactly what she was feeding her kids - that's why she always read the packet first....

But to get back to the point. My kids have become obsessed with cookery shows now and, more importantly, scoring cookery shows. So everything I make at the moment is 'scored' by my two angels. So far this weekend I got a 12 for my delicious Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, a 10 for Sausages and Chips and a huge Trillion points for my Sunday Roast... This was after a disagreement with the judges who originally only gave me a 3 for my brussel sprouts with pancetta and garlic (Nigella's recipe... not my Mothers). When I informed the 'judges' that such a low score would result in a suspension of dessert (summer fruit trifle) the scores were revised in my favour.

With this in mind I decided to make a cake with my eldest - my youngest was watching the Arsenal game and nothing would tear him away from the TV - we tried!!!!! So Lea and I decided to make a lemon drizzle cake. I wanted her to see that not all food is bought from a store. We were about half way through when she declared that it would be easier to buy one... so that argument didnt go down too well. Anyhow, she soon discovered the joy of raw cake batter - I panicked a little saying things like, 'But its not cooked' and 'there are raw eggs in there.' She simply didn't care and ate enough to make a couple of small loaves! Eventually I got it in the oven. Once it was baked we made the syrup and poured it over the warm sponge.

What was lovely was that at tea time I brought out the cake and Lea proudly told everyone, 'I made that!' As I told him, 'no shop bought cake can give you that satisfaction...' plus it was jolly nice... thank you Nigella!

TJ then produced a lovely picture he had drawn of lots of little men. In the corner it simply said 'OZ'. I did my best 'Wow' face and said; "Look at all those Munchkins, is this a picture of Munchkinland?" We had seen the movie earlier in the week. He looked at me like I was from Mars... Or Kansas!
"No!" he said, "Its Arsenal beating Liverpool, Can't you read the score?"
It turned out the letters I thought spelled out OZ were actually the numbers 0 and 2 - the final score... Well, he has to realise at some point that he does have a gay Dad!!!!!!!

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