Thursday, 13 September 2012

Christmas in September

Christmas in September... sounds like a dreadfully sweet movie with Keanu Reeves and Anne Hathaway in some 'end of life' weepie where they persuade their local town to celebrate the festive season in the 'Fall' so she can enjoy her favourite holiday one last time... and then she miraculously lives and everyone hates her as they all have no money left to celebrate the real Christmas and they are all sick of turkey as they had to go through Thanksgiving straight after... Actually, that sounds like a fun movie - particularly if Anne Hathaway is brutally murdered by the angry townspeople as Keanu shows off his best attributes (no, not his acting talents). For those of you who are fans of Miss Hathaway then you can easily replace her role with any number of vacuous starlets... Keanu stays though!

Anyway, it isn't at all as exciting as that... Christmas in September actually refers to the fact that I went into KC's clasroom today for a 'meet the teacher' session. What a great way for us mere parents to meet our children's teacher in an informal setting. Except we didn't, the 12 year old Mr H spent most of the hour session fussing around with tissue paper and safety scissors whislt we got on our knees and helped our little darlings create their Christmas Cards. KC chose to make a snowman with as much glue as he possibly could. I helped him make a scarf out of tissue paper, then the buttons for his jacket and a carrot for his nose and then I coloured in the sky and... suddenly realised that I was doing all the bloody work whilst my eldest was wreaking havoc in the corner. He and his friend had discovered where the oversized rubber dice were and were playing snake eyes with them. I did not teach him that game - so I can only assume that Papa has been showing our kids his best gambling moves. It is a known fact that all Singaporeans love to gamble - and Papa is no exception. We went on a cruise once... I say 'we'.. actually I went on a cruise while he sat in the depths of the ship's casino day and night - I only think he came up on deck to eat and to the cabin to sleep. I got a lovely tan and Papa looked like he had spent a week in a coffin - which in many respects he had - although he did win a good sum!

Needless to say, by the end of the 'meet the teacher'  session I had a very nice Christmas Card which KC proudly put his name to! The session over and the teacher gets everyone to tidy up and sit down and we parents wait to see what nuggets of wisdom the new teacher will toss our way... Except he doesn't. "Lovely to meet you all," he says, "Now if you all wait and outside and have a 'natter' then I will send the kids out to you in 5 minutes." So my afternoon wasted I popped outside to discuss Thai sticky rice recipes with my friend.

KC is back at Drama tonight... let's see how that goes!!!!!!

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