Monday, 10 September 2012

The Weekend

Well, it was Summer's last hurrah!
(I notice that I start a lof of my blogs with 'Well.....' - I imagine these being said in the style of Elizabeth Montgomery - Samantha from the original 'Bewitched' - so if you could oblige me I would be very grateful...)
Anyhow, to move on, I haven't really had a lot to blog about - hence my weekend absence but what we have enjoyed has been almost blissful family life. I say 'almost' as I have to deduct the scrap the children had in the back of the car yesterday and TJ kicking Lea in the face with his heel as he was practising Karate...

This morning we got ready for school and I was in my gym kit ready for my masochistic personal trainer after I had dropped the boys off at school. Lea took one look at me and said "How can you take us to school in your pyjamas?". I looked at her and replied, "I'm going to the gym, this is my gym wear!"
"Oh," she said and then he gave a look that I didnt expect to see until she was at least 12. A look of sheer embarrassment. "You mean you are taking us to school dressed like that... and my friends parents will see you!" I felt like saying, "Honey, your friends parents ain't seen nothing yet" whilst giving a 'go girlfriend' swish of the hand. Instead I simply smiled and said, "I'm sure your friends parents have seen much worse." (I know I definately have - but I didn't tell her that of course.)

Yesterday, TJ and I made a courgette cake - similar to a carrot cake but with... yes, courgettes. TJ helped with the stirring and the breaking of the eggs and the stirring and the bashing of the nuts and the stirring and then he got bored and went to play on the wii. I finished the cake (pretty delicious - thank you Nigella) and served it with Sunday tea. TJ proudly announced that he had stirred the cake many times - therefore he should now be known as TJ the Stirrer... I think we had nicknamed him that ages ago!

I nearly forgot... I got called into school,today as TJ had decided that it would be great fun to smack a boy in the mouth at lunchtime... So I have just had the long chat about how Father Christmas only gives toys to good little boys. " What about the naughty boys? " TJ asked, "What do they get?"
"A lump of coal!" I answered.
"That's rubbish. " he said.
"Really?" I replied and I launched into a long story about how when my brother was little he was naughty one year and he got a lump of coal in his stocking. TJ looked stunned, so I continued... I might have enjoyed it a bit too much as I watched his little eyes get bigger and bigger as I talked of my brother's disappointment on Christmas morning when my sister and I opened all our presents and he had none. How my brother spent all of Christmas Day in floods of tears and the incredible disappointment of finding his Christmas list on the mantelpiece with the words 'naughty boy' written across it... TJ is now sitting in the bath in a state of shock! I hope it does the trick!

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