Friday, 21 September 2012

Too Much Going On....

So the adoption is out of the way but there is still a part of me that thinks something has to go wrong. I think there was so much bad blood between ourselves and social services that I am sure they will try to find some way to stop the adoption from being a reality. Even though I heard the judge grant the order I wont be happy until I have all the documents.

Next up is the Celebration Hearing - this is held at our local court and the judge here will also invite the children to come along and have some kind of presentation and we are officially declared a family... I can't wait, apparently it should take place within a month of the original order being made and we have promised the kids a fantastic meal out - which I think to them means a trip to the golden arches for a 'happy meal'!

At the moment I am trying to sort out the house move for next week - there is so much to do, I am usually really prepared but I haven't sorted out the gas and electricity, the telephones, the mail and, most importantly, the TV... we only have cable where we are going as its a conservation area so no sky dishes or big aerials.

Then I decided that now would be a good time to sort out the children's christening - well, our vicar dropped me an email saying he could do it on the 25th Nov - to co-incide with our wedding anniversary but Papa has decided he doesn't want to focus on that just yet and we won't have any money to throw a christening party anyway... Then I also decided that now would be a good time to organise our trip to Singapore to see Papa's family for Chinese New Year - these things need to be sorted out in advance as I have to make sure the children can get the time off school and its a busy time to be looking for flights out to Asia. I also ahe to organise our Summer holiday trip - hoping for Devon as I am not spending 6 weeks at home over the long summer holidays again!

So now I am stressed on lots of counts and it's all of my own doing... then I remembered I havent started my coursework for my degree (I'm doing psychology with the OU) and I havent updated my blog... am I procrastinating? Possibly... but at least my blog has now been updated! What next... a cup of tea?

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