Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Positive Day

Today I was called into school to chat with TJ's teacher about his behaviour... Namely smacking another boy in the face because he accused him of fouling in a football game... Great!

What was really positive though was that after ascertaining that the football incident was not unusual and that any of the boys were going through the same emotions.  Anyhow, the teacher then went on to tell me how amazing TJ was, how, despite his emotional age being around 4, he had really settled into school. He was brilliant at maths and his English had really improved, his writing needed a lot to be desired but he does suffer from hyper mobility, so that is to be expected. How did they manage the football incident? They made TJ referee for the day and he had a great afternoon telling the other kids that they were fouling and that he was the boss! My only concern is that he will start turning into a little Mussolini in other areas of life.

This morning as I dropped the kids into school, in my gym gear, a good friend who obviously reads this blog, rushed up to me and said "On my goodness, I can't believe you would wear your gym kit to school.... ". Thanks for that! KC looked at me and said, "See I told you that the other parents would laugh." and TJ just looked at me and simply said, " Can you stop at the gate, don't walk me into school." Fantastic.....

I went to pick the boys up and KC was wearing his plimsoles. He had left his shoes in class. I went back into the class with him and as I was there his teacher said, "Hi there, how are you?" I entered willingly into this conversation with the usual small talk... By the end of the conversation I had committed to going into school tomorrow to help with making Christmas Cards and had agreed to help out on a school trip to a Roman villa at the end of next month. These teachers are wily creatures!!!!

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