Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Day For 'Me'!

Today the children finally went back to school. Lea is wearing a shirt and tie now and looks so grown up... I suddenly flashed forward a few years to her teenage years at school. She will be such a good looking young lady, or that might just be around Daddy talking... She will obviously take after me in the looks department, lucky girl... As long as she gets her Papa's brains then she will do ok.

The kids rushed into school but before they did they asked me what I would do now they had gone back to school. I told them that I was going into London for a hair cut and then to meet Papa for lunch. "Will you be killing your hair today?" TJ asked. I looked at him with a puzzled expression, "Killing my hair?" I asked. "Yes," he said, "Whenever you get a hair cut you also kill your hair and make it darker." The penny dropped, "You mean dying my hair!" I laughed. TJ looked at me as if I was mad, "That's what I said," he said and tore into school shouting at his friends. Even Lea raced into school, I was left with the other parents but we all agreed that it was a good sign that the kids were so keen to get back to school.

I then drove into town and experienced the joy that is the Olympic traffic... The Olympic lanes were open and not a sod was on them, we however, were sat in a traffic jam for nearly an hour staring wistfully at the empty lane bearing the five ring logo. I eventually got there and had my haircut, it was a new hairdresser today and she was very interested in my 'celebrity' past. Yes, back in Singapore I did a lot of work in TV and theatre and even won the Best Actor award for one of my plays, the first foreigner to do so. I then went on to do a lot of Tv, both in English and Mandarin, although my Mandarin filming exploits are a story in themselves. Anyway, before this become all about me, we switched topics to current TV , including the newly revamped series of 'Dallas', she looked at me in the mirror, "It looks like a really nice city, I wonder where they film it?" I politely smiled but the customer next to me openly guffawed.

I left with lovely new hair and joined Papa for lunch. He ordered sausage and mash, "Would you like any side orders with that, sir?" the waiter asked, "Does it come with potatoes?" Papa asked. "Just the mash, sir." the waiter replied snootily. Papa thought about this, "Right, I'll have a side order of chips then please." I rolled my eyes until I saw my own brain!

However, we had a lovely, if quite potatoey lunch, and then went to pick the kids up from school. They were so excited that Papa had come to collect them and it finished off a lovely day.

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