Saturday, 15 September 2012

Interesting News & Lasagna

Yesterday a very good friend of mine approached me with the idea of turning my little blog into a tv sitcom. I must admit I had played with the idea before but never really seriously thought about it. But here was someone with tv history, who had written for tv before and, in my eyes, knew what she was talking about. I decided that if this was going to happen then I would like to be involved and co-write it with her. Amazingly, she agreed. Write about what you know they say, well who knows my weirdly wonderful family better than myself....

In my excitement I foolishly put it onto my Facebook page.... Within minutes the entire world ( well, my entire friend list) was asking if I would be playing myself? Answer is I'd love too but only if it was the right thing... Who would play my Mum? This was a question posed by my mother herself. Whose idea was it to let her have an iPad and thus immediate access to social media? I think she was hoping for Joanna Lumley, Twiggy or some other sexy post 60year old... She didn't seem impressed when I said that in my mind I had pictured Patricia Hodge... There was a deathly quiet on the phone... "but she always plays bossy, opinionated women, when I think of her I think of your Aunty C!" I didn't think it was prudent to remind my mother that my Aunt was actually her sister and they did have an awful lot in common...which is probably why they argue such a lot....however, I simply said, "don't worry Mum, it's very early stages. We haven't even written a pilot yet and your character wouldn't be in that episode." She thought about this... "Why not?" she asked indignantly, and then went on, "Well, I don't think it should have me in it anyway, I'm not at all interesting. There's no need to use me is there?" she sighed with one of those mother like sighs which ensures that you know you are the worst son ever but she still loves you despite spending 18 hours in childbirth, raising you through the dark times that were the 80's with no money and a 15% interest rate on their mortgage, with food prices sky high that she went without so you could eat and have shoes for school but its ok, she'll survive.... That sort of sigh.  Then she went on, "And who would play your Nan?" I did have to think about that one as there aren't many actresses left who can play 89 and I'm sure June Whitfield would be doing panto, although to be honest Patricai Routledge has always reminded me of my Nan, especially when she played Hyacinth Bucket, but I'm not sure if she is still with us... But if she was that would be two Patricia's in one show...

The more concerning role is that of Papa, where will we find a Chinese Singaporean British actor who has the ability to play the long suffering breadwinner?.... Hmmm, now I have said that I shall probably be inundated. I just have to make sure they are cute... Not for my own benefit but because Papa is... (I had to say that as I know he will read it and it will soon be my birthday!)

Last night TJ went to after school club and when I picked him up I was told that he was a little angel and that he ate all his lasagna. I was stunned, TJ hates lasagna. The teacher laughed, "that's so typical, the kids always say they hate stuff at home but here they eat everything." I joined in the laughter but secretly I knew something was amiss.

We got into the car, "Have you got any sweets?" TJ asked. "I'm hungry."
"But you had dinner," I replied, " I heard you ate all your lasagna."
"No I didn't." came the reply, "I hate lasagna, so I put it all on my friends plate when he wasn't looking, then when the teacher came back I said I ate it all and got a biscuit." I sighed (not like my mother I hasten to add) I know the boy in question and he might not be the brightest pebble on the beach but I would have thought even he would have noticed an extra portion of lasagna suddenly appearing on his plate.  Oh well, at least it's the weekend.

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