Thursday, 27 September 2012

Birthday... And a break...

Tomorrow is my birthday. And we are in the midst of moving house... Crazy!

Today, our packer arrived. A big burly man named Bill. We called him Bill the bear.... He came alone. But, to be fair to Bill, he packed up the whole house in the course of the day.

The boys are a little worried about the move and I think that TJ has gone into denial. He told his teachers he was not moving and that was that! I think he might be in for a surprise tomorrow night.

As I say tomorrow is my birthday... I will be 23 according to TJ. I wish... I feel 73 today. Moving house is such a chore...

I am therefore cancelling my birthday this year, so I don't expect much in the way of gifts... Mind you Papa has a pretty poor record in birthday gifts. Last year it was a gym membership... Lovely... Until I read the card which came with the caveat, ... ' and I expect results!' Rude!! But, as I told him after my induction... "the gym has a bar, now that's what I call a result!"

The year before I got a vacuum cleaner... Apparently I had 'admired it' whilst in a local department store. I now only ever 'admire' things in Bulgari and Christian Dior!! Needless to say nothing has come out of that!

Mind you I had better not go on too much or I won't get anything tomorrow... But that might take me into wedding anniversaries which are more controversial!

I may have to take a forced break from my blog for a few days as we lose our Internet connection... It seems to take ages to get a new line fitted but as soon as I'm back I will let you all know. Until then I hope you enjoy looking back over the past three months of our lives... They still make me laugh!!!

See you soon.....

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