Wednesday, 3 October 2012

All moved...

... But still no Internet!!!! So I am having to type on the iPhone thing, which with its tiny keyboard and my fat fingers is no mean feat!

We have finally moved though, and to be honest it was quite stress free. We had a packer named Bill who came to do the packing up of the house on Thursday, which seemed strange, one huge guy to wrap my egg cups etc... And there were so many boxes piled up when he finally finished. I felt a bit bad until I unpacked and realised he had used one huge box to contain 3 cups surrounded by reams of paper. I don't think that ecology was high on his list of priorities as he must have used at least 12 trees worth of paper, either that or he was preparing for a career with amazon as their packing technique is usually pretty similar!

The movers came in on Friday... At 7am! They wanted to start early so they could leave early as it was a Friday. But the three men, or in reality one man, a pensioner who smoked constantly and a young lad who looked about 12 and was so skinny that everytime he picked anything up I was afraid he would snap! But to be fair to them they worked hard and had loaded up and were unloading by lunch time. They even got their early finish... It was only later I realised they had basically thrown all the boxes in the living room and totally ignored the little labels that Bill had thoughtfully written for them stating the rooms each box should go in

But we are in and surrounded by boxes. The children were a bit stressed by it all KC was a little traumatised and it brought back memories of all his previous moves, of which there were many. Little TJ was just thrilled to get his own room and has tidied it up beautifully. I asked KC if he had tidied his new room as well. 'yes,' came the reply. Then I went into his room to find he had simply emptied all the boxes into a big pile in the middle. So he has obviously settled in!

I am now surrounded by boxes and am slowly unpacking. But oddly enough I get so much more done when I am by myself!!!!!

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