Friday, 5 October 2012

Day 7 with no Internet!

The title says everything. Today marks a full week without any connection to the outside world... Well, apart from actually going outside and talking to anyone face to face of course.. Oh and using the mobile phone for its intended use rather than downloading DIY apps... But apart from those we are cut off... We even gave to watch free to air tv! The suffering is palpable!!!!

I thought the children would love being closer to their school but today the novelty had obviously worn off, mainly due to the fact it was pouring with rain. TJ looked at me with disbelief when I told him to do his coat up. "but the car is just outside," he told me, "we won't get very wet walking to it." "but you will get wet walking to school and I am not driving the three minute route to the school gate." he looked at me with an evil eye. His hatred was evident as he simply said under his breath , "then what's the point of having a car?" followed by, "I hate this stupid house, now I have to walk to school." how we make our children suffer. I simply shrugged it off and said with a cheery grin, "come on, the rain will help boost your immune system!" I have to stop watching Super Nanny...

Whilst unpacking yesterday TJ found a tin box of sweet in the shape of a bus. "Daddy," he asked, "Can I have my sweets out of my bus now?" KC was at drama and I was up to my armpits in the movers wrapping paper (3 tiny ornaments in one big box with reams of paper...sigh) " Ok," I said, go and watch some tv and eat your sweets." to be honest I was quite surprised they had lasted, TJ normally consumes any form of sugary treat as soon as it arrives. But off he went sweets in hand and sat in front of  kids tv gorging himself... Super Nanny would not have approved but at least he was quiet!

A little while later KC returned from drama, he rushed into the living room full of beans telling us about his latest endeavour with the impossibly cheerful drama teacher. Then he paused, stopped and screamed, "Who ate all the sweets out of my tin bus." I stared at him, "Your tin bus?... but TJ said..." and the penny dropped. TJ looked at me and grinned a chocolatey smile, "you said it was ok," he told me accusingly. KC promptly burst into tears. "I was saving those for Merlin (his favourite tv show). I looked at TJ with my harshest Dad stare. "Did you know they were KC's sweets?" I asked... There was no reply, just a quiet nod... "and you lied to me when you said they were yours?". ... Again a nod... "And did you take them from KC's room and pretend they were yours?"... A final nod... So TJ now has to buy his brother sweets with this weeks pocket money and is grounded for at least a week!!!!!!

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