Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Nothing to Report...

... which is a strange way to start a blog I guess. I have nothing to say... nothing has happened...

But that in itself is nothing short of miraculous. The children went to school this morning, Papa went to work, I started on my Open University course - I manage to get wireless access to the internet - essential for distance learning... I watched a couple of short educational films, drank tea... took the dog out for a walk... made a few calls... replied to a few emails... all in all very dull...

Then the cleaner came... she was stunned by the new house... 'You make the white floor, you have a white dinner table and white chairs", she sucked her teeth, "You also have two small kids, you is very crazy." I told her smugly that the children only used the table for family occassions and for all other meal times they used the breakfast bar... She looked at me, "this will work for a short time only," she said, "you have two kids with much energy, they sure to throw food at each other soon, then who will have to get stain out of white leather? It will be me you are calling." "Well, we could always look for someone else to clean for us," is what I wanted to say, instead I just laughed and said, "Oh well, we'll see."

The cleaner now has 5 clients in our neighbourhood - she told me all their secrets as she did the ironing and I made her endless cups of tea. One old man never leaves his house - he just watched TV... and not the good kind of TV apparently (whatever that means). Another couple leave for work in the morning drop the kids off at breakfast club, then don't come home till after 6 picking the children up from after school club on their way home. "They work all day to keep the big house and the fancy things, but they never see their children... this would not happen in Turkey." Or so I was reliably informed. I didnt want to comment.

Our cleaner left at her new later post ironing time and said in a cheery tone, "You have bought nice house, gay people always have the good taste." and with a cheery wave she jumped into her Nissan Micra.

The children came home and, yet again, homework was done without a grumble - although I have now laid down the ground rules that the TV/Wii does not go on until homework is done and that seems to really do the trick. TJ was so keen to get his homework done so he could play the wii that he even refused to have a biscuit - unheard of!

KC has now gone to dance class - he has street dance on a Wednesday andhe loves it. I shall watch all his new dance moves when he comes home... and try them out myself at the next drunken wedding I go to. As a legal father I can now officially 'Dad Dance!'


  1. not the good kind of tv means porn hon. =P

  2. Thanks for clearing that up Sasky... I did wonder... :>