Wednesday, 17 October 2012

School photos today and back to the gym for me!

Yes, today is the taking of the official school photo - the one that will be displayed upon Granny's sideboard for a full year and then put away until the kids bring home prospective partners and we bring them out to embarrass them!

We couldnt use last year's as KC kept pulling silly faces in all the shots and his hair was stuck up at the back making him resemble a ginger chicken. TJ just cried throughout so by the time they got a decent shot his eyes were so red and puffed up he looked like he had gone and stuck his head into a wasps nest to see what was in there.

This year will be different. This year I am prepared. School uniforms were ironed and laid out on the beds, boys hair was rinsed through before school and dried into an acceptable position. both children were instructed to stay tidy and to keep their jumpers on for the photo - otherwise TJ's shirt tends to come out and his tie ends up around his head like Rambo. I just pray that TJ doesnt throw paint over himself or worse still decide he wants to colour in his sleeves (don't ask...)

I shall wait and see what the final results are - the best laid plans etc... but at least this time if it doesnt work out it won't be my fault!!!!

I went back to the gym today and we now have lovely big flatscreen TV's on every running machine. Oddly enough they were all tuned to the Jeremy Kyle Show which really does give an interesting snapshot into a world no-one really believes exists (does it?). The sound was turned down in order for us to be able to run in time with the latest pop tunes. You know you are getting old when the only time you hear high intensity gay clubbing music is at the gym... I concluded that they must have this particular TV show on during off peak times in order for us to realise that although we maybe 'stay-at-home' parents (with a couple of students and a pensioner thrown in for good measure) at least we are not on TV discussing the paternity of our dear children in front of millions - I imagine it also makes unemployed people feel marginally better about their situation, or it motivates them to turn off the TV and reach for the Jobs pages.

Then an enormous lady came on the show (she was huge) and her problem???? Apparently a member of her family had stolen the money she had set aside for the purchase of a mobility scooter. Even with the sound turned down this generated a number of giggles among my fellow gym members but what was funnier was when the lady started to berate the audience members who were laughing at her. She certainly found her mobility when her family came on and she accused them one at a time of the theft... I was astonished. But, what it certainly managed to motivate everyone in the gym as we pounded our hamster wheels with a lot more vigour inorder for us not to end up on Jeremy Kyle. An interesting fact is that my therapist is actually employed by the TV Producers to dish out therapy after the show to the panellists - most of whom (in her words) dont really care what others think as long as they get their money - the cult of celebrity in the UK never ceases to amaze me!

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