Friday, 19 October 2012

Delivery Day.....

It's Friday and I have taken the day out to wait for the delivery men to deliver my new sofa set and the aerial man to come and fix us up to freeview - sod Sky. When we cancelled it I expected an uproar from the kids, an outcry about how cruel we were and how deprived they were being. But no, they simply watch less tv. Honest. They might watch a bit of CITV or CBBC but once they got bored with it they go and do something else. Yesterday, TJ said, "This TV show is boring, I think I'll read my book." I kid you not! I nearly fell off my chair! He went up to his room and I found him reading a Horrible Histories book all about Ancient Egypt... Obviously, I was the victim of an alien invasion akin to Invasion of the Body Snatchers whereby my son had been replaced by an alien clone who was trying to be the epitome of human kind and blend in. I decided I quite liked it, so he can stay.

So I waited in all day for my 8am to 6pm delviery slot although I specifically said to the delivery team - don't come between 3 and 3.20 as I have to pick the kids up from school. Sure enough, at 3.10, as I stood outside the school gates, the phone rang. "Its your delivery sir, we're outside your door but there doesn't seem to be anyone here."

I told them I would be back asap. To which I got the reply, "Well, we do have six more deliveries to do today sir, so we can only wait 10minutes - after that it will have to go back to the depot and we will arrange another delivery day." They had already delayed me twice and I have waited two months so far. So I snapped, you hang on and I will be there. I grabbed Lea by the collar (TJ is at after school club) and we ran home. As I got here the delivery man got out of the car laughing and said, "Well, at least the run did you some good - no need to go to the gym today mate." How we laughed.....

He soon stopped laughing when I showed him that all three pieces were going upstairs to my first floor living room (Papa calls it the drawing room - he watches far too many period movies). Afterwards the two men spent a good ten minutes chatting on my doorstep - I knew they were waiting for a tip. They knew I knew they were waiting for a tip. But no-one was going to say anything and they had made me run. Anyway, eventually I said, "Well, I know you have another 6 trips to do so you had better be on your way." I wished them a lovely evening and closed the door as they slammed back into their truck.

I am now sitting here typing this waiting for the TV aerial man - apparently we are his last job of the day... oh and there is the doorbell!!!!! TV tonight!!!!!! On a sofa!!!!!!


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