Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Thats all I can say - Wow!
I have been amazed and touched by the sheer amount of people who have expressed their good wishes and support after my blog entry yesterday. The number of page views has gone off the scale - the most I have ever received and I can only say how truly humbled we are.

There is so much more to add to yesterday's blog - as I said it really is only the tip of the iceberg - but I guess that is something that will wait until after the legal stuff has run its course - who knows, perhaps the TV show will lead to a book spin off - 'The Reality Behind 'Relative Strangers'' - believe me there is definately a books worth of material - I just wonder if it would be too depressing. On the other hand, as I said yesterday, we have been blessed with the gift of balance. I think if the kids had Fairy Godparents (instead of just Fairy Dads - I thought I would say it before anyone else did) then the gift would have been 'balance'. Interestingly, when we met the boys the cottage that they put us up in (self catering - to keep costs down, naturally) was actually called Fairy Cottage - and there were lots of little fairies hidden around the house. At the time we thought it was hilarious - now I wonder if it was the beginning of a homophobic jibe... Or am I reading too much into things. I'm doing that a lot recently, especially as I am currently recounting the entire placement period with the Ombudsman and various other legal bodies - it just never seems to end. The complaints system is ludicrous - you go through months and months of investigations - then when the complaint is upheld then local authority are not really obliged to do anything - why would they be? They are investigating themselves after all. Its kind of like the Jimmy Savile debacle going on in the UK at the moment - the BBC are investigating the BBC - all big corporations seems to have the right to investigate themselves. But thats another axe to grind....

TJ managed to pull his curtains down last night - completely, the brackets were ripped right out of the wall - there was a terrible crash and I raced into his room to find him sitting amongst dust and football embroidered curtain material. He looked up at me with his big blue eyes... I looked down at him with my cold stare (not unlike Paddington Bear's) "What happened?" I asked authoritatively. I got the standard shrug of the shoulders. "I think you had better think about your answer whilst you have your bath and I fix the curtains" I told him. He agreed.

A little later I asked him again, "So, are you ready to tell me what happened?".
"Yes," he replied. "I was trying to close my curtains and they just fell off on my head."
"Really?" I said.
"Really - it did really happen."
"Tell me more..." I cajoled him....
"Well, I was trying to close them by climbing to the top to reach the round hoops (curtain rings) and then they fell down."
And so we got to the bottom of it - needless to say he is no longer allowed to close his own curtains - even if the old lady living over the road does get to see his bottom (he is very worried he might scare her)... and poor Papa spent a good hour last night polyfilling in the huge holes TJ had made in the walls. And its a brand new house!!!!!!!!!!!!

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