Monday, 8 October 2012

A Weekend of Parties...

... Well, for the kids anyway. Papa and I had to suffer damp carpets as the French doors on our brand new house decided to leak and soak the carpets. As I type I am currently sat waiting for the building chap to arrive and take a look.

Anyway, on Saturday we had back to back birthday parties. In the morning there was a magician followed by lunch at a local village hall. It was lovely but packed and because this was a family friend the kids didn't really know that many children but they fitted right in and were soon shouting advice to the poor entertainer. I was even surprised when the child that had to be reprimanded for trying to de-unicycle the magician was not one of mine.

We arrived a little late, as usual, and upon arrival I was hurried into the kitchen to help reheat the pizzas. The birthday boys mum thrust a tea towel in my hand and said ,"I can't get that oven to work, can you check those pizzas for me and make sure they don't burn" I looked around for the tv camera and Mary Berry as I had obviously walked onto the set of the Great British Bake Off and I didn't want to be criticised for having a soggy bottom.

Luckily the pizzas were ok and the party went off without a hitch. Afterwards we stayed back to help tidy up. The local WI harvest supper was happening that night and my friends were under threat of dis communication if the kitchen wasn't left as it was found. We were happily throwing everything into black plastic bin liners when suddenly a woman in a floaty dress with blue doc martin boots came rushing over... "Recycling bag," she cried, "who has the recycling bag?" We all looked at each other and them back at the lady who was madly going through the bins taking out paper plates and boxes. "These can all be re used," she cried, "some of these boxes will be great at Easter." "then you store them at your house," the lady next to me muttered and them she went outside to have a cigarette. I don't think recycling was high on her list of priorities. I helped sort put the paper items, wiping cheese and juice off the plates. I did notice the same lady madly grabbing balloons for her bright pinkly clad daughter though, so I hope she recycles all that rubber.

We said our goodbyes and jumped into the car onto the next party... A Halloween themed disco... I am not ashamed to say that I flung the kids through the doors and left before I got dragged into helping out there as well!

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