Friday, 7 September 2012

Family Stuff

It's Friday! And the first week back at school has been a successful one. No tears, no worries just all back! Hooray!

Today, Lea brought her PE kits back home. Not her new PE kit that I bought to replace the one she had lost last term. No, she 'found' the kit she had lost and brought it back. I opened her bag and I can honestly say that the kit could have walked by itself into the washing machine. It was solid, caked with mud and sweat. Oh and she only had one plimsole, how do you lose a plimsole? Well, at least we have it back now. Why didn't we get a lovely little girl that loves pink and barbie? - I asked myself....

This reminded me of TJ returning home from school last year still wearing his PE kit. "Why are you in your PE kit?" I asked.
"My trousers got wet and I had to take them off," came the reply.
I looked into his school bag to find not a soggy pair of trousers but a girl's skirt.
"How did you get a skirt in your bag?" I asked with a puzzled expression, "And, more importantly, whose is it?"
"It's Holly's," he told me completely non-plussed.
"Why have you got her skirt?" I continued with the questioning.
"She said her Mum was really good at washing and I said you were rubbish, so she has taken my trousers to her Mum to wash properly and I am bringing her skirt home to you cause it's not that dirty." He then walked off. I found Holly's Mum and we swapped the childrenswear. I didnt tell her about the explanation and we just laughed it off as a silly mistake.

The teachers have all had a good laugh at my expense, while talking about families they asked TJ what his parents did. "Papa goes to work in a bank," he told the class, "and Daddy stays at home and plays with my toys and bounces on the trampoline." "All day?" the teachers asked him, "Yes, all day... except when he is eating bacon." Maybe I should be eating bacon on the trampoline when he comes home from school?

We met Lea's new teacher the other day. He seriously looks about 12 years old. I was quite surprised, especially as Lea told us how fierce the teacher was and how he shouted all the time. The man doesn't look as if he could scare the skin off a rice pudding, but I guess that's perception for you. And at least Lea responds well to him, Lea likes boundaries, which I think is a good thing...

Its the weekend and Lea has asked to do 'family stuff'. "What do you mean by family stuff?" I asked him. "Well, we can get out of bed late, watch a movie I like, then go outside and play whatever I want, then you can make lunch, then we can come in and watch TV, then you can make dinner." (So basically 'family stuff' means doing what she wants). "What about going to Sainsbury's?" I said, "We still need to get food." Lea thought about this for a moment, "Well, you can do that while I watch my movie," she said, then added, "and while you are out you can buy lunch to bring back. I dont want you to work too hard."

"Thanks for that," I replied and then popped out to have a quick bounce on the trampoline....

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