Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Adopting Again!!!!!!

Yes, we are thinking of adopting again... not children but rabbits!

We have promised the children that when we move they can have a pet each - there only being a dog and a cat so far... but they have decided they want rabbits (to be fair KC wanted a snake but there is no way that is going to happen). So we went to the local pet shop to see lots of little baby bunnies and guinea pigs and hamsters etc. I was cooing over the bunnies when suddenly TJ pipes up from across the store, "Daddy," he yells and all the male parents turn around, obviously concerned that it is there little darling who has found an escaped degu, "Daddy, come over here!" Realising it was me that was being called I duly went over. TJ was standing by the 'adoption' section of the store. These are the animals that get left behind, the ones that dont get bought whilst they are still young and cute. "Why are these rabbits over here?"

I explained that these were rabbits up for adoption, they hadn't been chosen yet. "I want that one." he declared pointing at what had to be the ugliest rabbit I have ever seen - if you have ever seen the movie 'Lilo and Stitch' then you will understand when I say this rabbit could easily have been a displaced alien. KC joined us and when he learned that these rabbits were up for adoption he also decided she wanted one, luckily the one she chose looked more normal than TJ's choice - she called it Sweep as it was black, its always worrying when children name the animals they are looking at..... I called a lady over and she explained the adoption process to me. Bascically these are rabbits that are no longer cute enough to go in the front of the store. A couple have been returned and one was a bit of a terror but apart from that they were all healthy.

I then told her it was probably going to be towards the end of the month before we were ready to take any home to which she replied, "Don't worry, they will still be here - hardly anyone adopts, they all want the babies." She obviously didnt know our situation but I turned to see KC staring up at her with his huge eyes. She turned to him and said, "I wish more people were like you and would give these animals a second chance." How funny that pets reflect peoples attitudes to children as well.

"What happens if they are not adopted?" KC asked. I knew the answer already and the lady obviously didnt want to say but I think KC knew - those rabbits were going nowhere...

"Not to worry," I said, "As soon as we get the hutch then we can adopt two rabbits and let other people buy the baby ones." Both children seemed satisfied with this answer.

As we walked back to the car I heard TJ say to his brother, "What would have happened to us if we weren't adopted?" KC was silent. I let the comment pass and within two minutes they were squabbling again.

So now we are getting rabbits and I hope that the two they saw are still there in a couple of weeks when we move. Well, maybe not the ugly one!!!!! (I am joking, if thats the one TJ wants then thats the one he shall have - before I am lambasted!!!!!!)


  1. This made me tear.
    I'm so glad the two of them found you and ed.

    (p.s. U sure the dog and cat will get along w the bunnies? )

    1. Thats so sweet of you... I think that the animals will be fine... X