Monday, 17 September 2012

A New Chapter?

Today I met up with my friend who wants to turn my blog into a sit com. The meeting went surprisingly well, we agreed on pretty much everything and our senses of humour matched.  So we now have a six episode outline, a timetable and a fabulous excuse to have lunch in town every Monday.

I'll keep you posted as to how it all goes...  I am trying not to be too star struck and anyway I was soon brought back down to Earth when I went to pick the kids up from football club. TJ had lost his shoes and socks and was in his bare feet, he came out of school looking like a mud lark. One of his friends Mum's must have noticed as she handed TJ a pair of old football gloves and said in a pitying tone, "Here you go love, my son has a new pair so he won't be needing these." I wouldn't have minded but TJ replied, "thank you, I don't get new things in my family." great, thanks for that son. I was, however, gracious and we accepted the gloves whilst I tried to find his brand new shoes and socks!

We then went to pick KC up from after school club, yes both kids were at clubs after school hours, which means I get an extra hours peace! He rushed out without her jumper, coat or lunch box... Apparently he had lost them all... Great now I am replacing pretty much their entire uniform and we are only 2 weeks into the new school year...

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