Saturday, 25 August 2012

Horse Riding and Turkish Delight

Saturday on a Bank Holiday weekend and today is the day we are going horse riding but todaywas a bit different, as well as the children having their fortnightly lesson, Papa was going to have a lesson too. Papa had ridden before, many years ago, but was still a bit worried about how he would do. Lea tried to console him, he said, "Papa it's easy, just dig your heels in the horse's side and shout 'Yee Ha!'" Thank goodness Papa didn't listen to her as the horse he was on would probably have had a heart attack. But Papa did really well and the children were both suitably impressed. TJ now thinks we will be buying a horse that we can keep in the back garden. Mind you, if Papa has his way we will be getting a horse very soon - apparently, it will save us money in the long run, especially now that three of them are now riding!

After the riding we went to meet some very old friends at a local Turkish restaurant.. The food was great and the boys enjoyed their Turkish delicacies, Lea had pizza whilst TJ had sausage and chips, I love that they are both so adventurous with their food. Whilst there we began discussing my previous evening's Facebook update where I had commented that halfway through watching the 'Hollywood  Blockbuster 'Battleship' I turned to Papa and said, 'This film is just like the children's game of the same name." Papa looked at me stunned and simply said, "Really?" (he used that American accent that shows how dumb I was being) He continued, "Don't you think that the clue might have been in the name?" Well, to be honest once I had grasped the simple concept of this movie then the film finally made some sense.

However, this then led onto the conversation of what other childrens games would make good movies - particularly now that we are beginning to run out of super heroes and animated characters made flesh. Our favourite was Kerplunk The Movie - whereby an alien race imprisoned loads of 'celebrities' in a glass dome suspended above a shark infested pool and we had to see which celebrity fell to their gruesome death as the alien race slowly removed the straws that suspended them. Also, we considered Disney Pixar's Buckeroo and Oliver Stone's Wall Street 3 - Monopoly!

 I am sure there are loads more....

Earlier today we did the pre-going back to school uniform size check.... Like most parents we want to spend as little as possible on school uniforms so spent a good hour or so checking which clothes the boys had outgrown, which ones could be passed on from Lea to TJ and what needed replacing. Papa was in charge of TJ and I asked what stuff he needed, knowing that TJ has recently had a growth spurt. "He's fine," said Papa, "He doesn't need anything." I turned round to see TJ with his coat sleeves halfway up his arms, his trouser bottoms up round his ankles and his shoes were so tight he could barely walk... "It will do for another term." Papa said. I think Papa is trying to bind TJ's feet and ensure his growth is stunted, not unlike a concubine in the court of Imperial China....

Mind you after spending £42 on school shoes I can now see Papas logic!!!! 

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