Saturday, 4 August 2012

Cafe Rouge

Today we decided  to lunch at Cafe Rouge, a nice French themed chain which has some lovely food at good prices. They also give the children an activity pack - today's was colouring Pere Noel.... Yes, they had their Christmas offers on... In August!

TJ was happily doing the maze leading the reindeer to the sleigh when suddenly he went outside of the lines. He looked stunned and said, "Well, it's not my fault, all these people talking put me off!" he then proceeded to stand on his chair and shout at the stunned customers and staff, "Thanks for that!" he yelled, "Now I went wrong and it's all your fault, can you not be quiet?" We pulled him down and tried to laugh it off just as Lea had completed her paper aeroplane, which she had folded using her activity sheet - quite well I thought. Lea then threw it across the room and it landed right on a rather large chaps's chicken dinner.... I held my breath expecting the worse. Luckily the chap just laughed and the tension broke. Then Lea walked over and asked for his plane back and TJ told everyone to stop laughing as he was 'trying to spot the differences!'

Maybe from now on we will just shop on the Internet.....

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