Monday, 13 August 2012

Olympic Legacy?

The Olympics may be over in London but in our house the legacy lives on.

Today, despite the return to our traditional English summer, mainly rain all day, the children decided they wanted to continue playing at the Olympics. Whoever invented the wii needs a knighthood. The kids were soon in full competition playing Sonic and Mario at the London Olympics.... Whilst they got on with winning the medals I found the time to enrol in my Open University Programme. I want to study psychology but I wonder if this is in the vain hope that I may finally understand what's going on in my children's heads..... Haha! I just read that back and realised how ridiculous that is!!!

All was well for at least half an hour, then the crying started. "Can you please play nicely," I shouted up the stairs, "if I hear one more cry then I am going to turn the wii off and we can all read a book or do a jigsaw puzzle." That last threat had the desired effect and soon silence reigned again once more, silence punctuated by the electronic noises of the game.

After another half hour I popped upstairs to see if milk or biscuits were required where I found Lea happily playing the game while her younger brother sat on the floor staring blankly at the screen. "What's going on?" I asked, "are you taking turns at the game." TJ looked up at me, "We were," he said, "But then the wii said that only Lea's handset could work on the game." Lea looked sheepish and I knew that something was afoot. "Let me see." I said. Lea squirmed....

It took me a couple of seconds to realise that whenever the wii asked if two players wanted to play, Lea quickly set the game to single player and told her brother it wasn't working properly. Then to make matters worse, when TJ had cried about it I had told them to play nicely or I would turn it off. It transpires that TJ would rather sit and watch Lea play rather than risk having the tv turned off... Next time I will check the situation before I issue threats!

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