Thursday, 2 August 2012

Damp Trip Home

A short post tonight.... We had to come home from my Mums back to the South today. A five hour trip. Great fun.
The kids were happily bribed with a burger halfway and as we set off again the heavens opened. In true British summer style the rain fell and the temperature dropped. We headed down the motorway at a good cruising speed, and then the  traffic stopped... Great, a traffic jam in torrential rain with no service station in sight when you hear the words that must be every parent's nightmare.... 'Daddy, I need a wee.". The words came out of  TJ's mouth and I looked at him. "You just went at the last services." I said, "you can't want to go again." "but I really do... Really, really, now...."
Great, what do you do?
My only tactic was to listen to sport on Radio 5. Luckily there were lots of gold medals being won so he was easily distracted. I then saw the sign, 'Services - 1 mile'.... I have never been more relieved and ten minutes later we actually reached there... Just as the heavens opened again!!! I swear that storm cloud was following us down the motorway. "Can we wait in the car for a couple of minutes, till it stops?" I asked. "No," came the short reply, "I need to go now."
So I loaded one child under my arm and ran through the torrential downpour to the toilets, then ran back for child number 2. By the time we got in I was drenched. The kids used the facilities and I asked them to wash their hands. Afterward TJ took my hand and said "Daddy, you had better go under the hand dryer, you are soaking." How sweet, my son was concerned for my health. Then he added, "I don't want you dripping on my sweets." Back to reality!

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