Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pony Day

Today we took the children for a pony day at their riding school. Essentially this is where we pay a lot of money for the kids to muck out, groom, feed and eventually ride the horses. So the school get a willing workforce whilst we pay them for the privilege. But, that said, they both had a great time and came home buzzing about which ponies they had ridden etc. and we got to go out with friends to a pub for lunch without any children! Result!

Towards the end of the day we returned to the stables to watch the trainer's eldest son give a mini exhibition of his jumping skills. He was very good but I was most pleased when TJ asked the trainer how old her son was. "He's 22." came the reply. "That's the same age as our Dad!" TJ proudly exclaimed... Well, who am I to correct him?

We then came home and watched some more of the Olympics. TJ was transfixed by the winning cycle sprint by Sir Chris Hoy. "How does he do that?" TJ asked. "He has to cycle really, really fast." I explained knowledgably. "I meant how does he ride without stabilisers?' came the indignant reply. Something tells me we will be practising that very, very soon.

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