Thursday, 16 August 2012

New Home

We are currently in the process of moving home. Yes, we are moving from our beautiful Grade 2 listed townhouse with a fantastic garden to a new build home nearby.

That isn't as bad as it sounds, the new house overlooks the river and is pretty huge, which kind of suits a young family much more than a quirky house over three floors. It's also nearer the children's school and allows TJ to have a proper sized bedroom rather than the box room he is currently in. So it all helps. However, at the very last minute the people who are buying our house decided they also wanted to buy our furniture, curtains etc and made me an offer we couldn't refuse. But foolishly, I forgot that buying new stuff isn't just about the shopping, it's also about the 'lead times' for delivery.... Up to 6 weeks for the dining table, 3 months for the sofa set etc etc. so I am now in a blind panic that we will be moving into a bare house with only our beds... Oh well, it will be like camping!!!!

Anyhow, today I had to go around to the show house with two small children in tow in order to measure the windows, walls, doorways. In fact anything that could be measured was. With papa issuing orders over the phone about what he needed measuring as well. Great fun!

Thank goodness for the iPhone, as I could send pictures of everything to him and take his orders... I mean requirements...

I was happily measuring away downstairs after leaving the boys on the balcony playing with their leap pad computer games (it's learning but it's fun!) when suddenly I heard a door slam upstairs. I shot up... "where's Lea?" I asked. TJ didn't even look up from his computer game, "Gone for a p...o...o" he said. (TJ doesnt like to say the word poo as he thinks it's a swear word so he will only spell it... I always thought there was an 'h' on the end but apparently that's only for the bear). The blood ran out of my face.... "which toilet is she in?" I asked.  TJ shrugged....

The problem with new build homes is that they have loads of bathrooms. This one has four... Two ensuite. I heard the door in the guest bathroom close. I raced upstairs and flung open the door on a startled little girl with her pants round his ankles... "Have you started yet?" I screamed like a madman. "Not yet.." came the obviously terrified reply. "Good! Don't!" I screamed, "that toilet is not plumbed in" Obviously the signs pointing this fact out mean nothing to a little girl who wants to go to the toilet. Luckily I knew the ground floor toilet is plumbed in for the sales staff to use.... Don't ask me how I know this, it was from a previous visit with TJ... But that is another blog in itself.... So I rushed Lea downstairs with her pants round her ankles and as I raced down the stairs the front door opened and a lovely family walked in.... They looked stunned but I said a cheery "hello" and shot into the downstairs toilet clutching a terrified child....  I wonder if they will be our new neighbours?....

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