Friday, 10 August 2012

Page boy?

Today we had our final review. This is where a team of social workers and an independent review officer get together and discuss our suitability to adopt the children and it's a chance for us to look at the post adoption support package, which we felt was inadequate as it didn't cover therapy or adoption allowances for the long term.

Anyhow, all was agreed and the children coped pretty well with the intrusion. The adoption date is now set for mid September and we are appealing to the judge to dismiss the birth mothers spurious claims and also to ignore the fact that one of our referees has fallen out with us and has therefore withdrawn their reference.... Thanks for that!

We also informed the children that they were to be a bridesmaid and a page boy at Aunty Em's wedding. "Who is she marrying?" TJ asked. "Uncle Stu." My mum replied. "Who will we live with then?" came TJ's query. My mum looked at me, "You will live with Daddy and Papa." she said. "But when will Daddy and Papa get married?" TJ asked. "They already are married," Mum replied. Which really goes to show that even after 18months are kids are till unsure of their own permanence, anyone who doubts attachment theory should have a chat with us....

Lea piped up, "Yes and you will be a page boy at Aunty Emma's wedding."

"What's a page boy?" TJ asked. "It's where you get to hold Auntie Emma's dress," Lea replied, "And," she added, "you can lift it really high and show everyone her knickers!" TJ laughed and said, "But what will Uncle Stuart wear?"

"Uncle Stuart says he will wear a kilt." said my Mum. "That's a skirt for men." Lea helpfully informed TJ... "Great!" said TJ "Can I pull his skirt up as well then?"

Something tells me my sister may not be asking TJ to be a page boy after all.... Either that or the wedding day will make an excellent blog!!!


  1. Just know how much we love the 4 of you. Love the 4 of us in canada