Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Canal Walk

So the rain finally stopped and my Mum decided that we should all go out for a walk with the dogs along the canal.

So off we went. My Mother's version of a short walk is actually a three mile hike through a couple of fields and then alongside the muddy canal stopping along the way to feed some very angry swans and a couple of friendly ducks.

We had reached the halfway point and were turning round to walk back when I suddenly realised we had lost TJ. TJ had previously been complaining that his legs hurt and he couldn't walk anymore. I told him that footballers all walked for many miles every day and that was how they could kick the ball so hard. TJ thought about this and said "But I only kick with this leg, the other is the one that's tired." I told him to hop on his good leg then as I was not going to carry him.

As soon as we realised he wasn't with us I raced back along the towpath to find my son trying to persuade an elderly gentleman on a canal barge that he needed 'a lift back to Granny's house.' The man was obviously confused, mainly as TJ was pointing down river and the barge was facing upstream. TJ didn't get the notion that a canal barge couldn't actually turn around. As I got there I waved at the gentleman and he waved back reassuringly. Then he turned to TJ, who was proudly wearing his Arsenal team shirt and said, "I tell you what, I'll give you a lift to your Grannies if you promised to support Manchester United." TJ thought about this for a couple of seconds and then retorted, "actually, I think I would rather walk!"

TJ saw me and ran back over. As he did I turned around to thank the old man only to see him doubled over in laughter telling his wife what had just happened. Well, at least my children bring smiles to whomever they meet......

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