Saturday, 14 July 2012

M & S cafe

We were at M and S grabbing a quick snack in their cafe when an elderly lady passes us and says to TJ, 'Hello there, do you like your biscuit?'
TJ looks at her like something he has just scraped from the bottom of his shoe. Upon not getting a reply the old lady simply shrugs and moves on.
'TJ,' I said, 'That was really rude of you. Why didn't you answer that nice lady?'
'She works in my school,'  he replies, 'she's a dinner lady.'
'Then you should have at least said hello,' I told him.
'Why should I?' he replies, 'All she ever does is tell me to stop talking while I am eating. Well, I am eating now so I am definitely not talking to her... She was trying to trick me so she could tell me off.'

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