Sunday, 15 July 2012

Spoilt brats!

I am always questioning whether or not we spoil our kids. As adoptive parents I think we are acutely aware of over indulging our children. The fear is that if you don't give them what they want then they won't like you. Likewise, you worry that if you do give them everything then they only like you because of the things you give them, cupboard love my Mum calls It. I don't know the answer but sometimes when the kids say certain things I do worry.

For instance when we took the kids back to Singapore for Chinese New Year to meet their Grandparents we decided to rent out a serviced apartment for the fortnight, just in case they needed somewhere to go back to if it all got too much. Papa organised a beautiful penthouse apartment overlooking Orchard Road. The kids were completely non-plussed. We showed them around the facilities and.... Nothing... Not even a smile. I thought perhaps they were jet lagged when suddenly from the bathroom I heard KC cry, 'TJ come in here, you have to look at this!'. TJ rushed in and I followed to hear KC say, 'look, they fold the end of the toilet paper into a triangle!'. 'Wow! That is really cool!' TJ exclaimed.... Well, they do say the little things in life amuse us most and both the children are still little enough to amuse.

Then this morning KC went upstairs to get dressed. There was a sudden cry! 'Daddy!' he shouted, 'you didn't get my clothes ready.' 'That's ok,' I replied, 'just wear what you had on yesterday. It's Sunday and you're not going anywhere.'
'What about my socks and pants?' he shouted.
'You know where the drawer is don't you?' I yelled back, 'just get them yourself.'
A little later he came downstairs suitably attired. 'There, that wasn't so hard was it?' I said.
'No,' he replied 'but normally you get everything ready for me and lay it on my bed.'
I sat down unaware that I was obviously on the set of Downton Abbey and raising future royalty. I turned to tell Papa of my thoughts but he was too busy removing mushrooms from TJ's omellette, apparently he didn't 'order mushrooms' and was offended by their presence!

I have no idea what lunch will bring, but one thing is certain, we are never lost for words in our house!

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