Saturday, 28 July 2012

Summer Holidays - Day 9... Perfume

After all the excitement of last night's Olympic opening ceremony today has been a little subdued. However, I was cheered to walk in on the son as he exercised in his bedroom. "What are you doing?" I asked him. He looked at me as of I had just asked him to boil his own head. "I'm getting ready so that when I am 17 I will be able to win all the races at the 'grown up sports day." his reply made sense and when he is 17 the year will be 2022, which I think will be a Commonwealth Games year.

I am really missing Papa on this trip. It's very rare we spend time away from each other but what surprised me was that I am not the only one. Lea took me to one side and said, "I don't like it when Papa is not here, it doesn't really feel like a family holiday." she was genuinely upset. Then she added "Is Papa getting the new baby and the puppy ready for when we go home?" This time it was my Mum's turn to choke on her food. Lea and I really need to have that talk on babies soon.. And also on appropriate times to give my mother heart failure... I quickly took both kids out to get new scooters....

On the way Mum needed to go to Boots to pick up some stuff. She was looking at perfume and I was distracted by grooming products when suddenly we heard a loud crash, followed by a child's scream, swiftly followed by an irate assistant's voice asking "Who is accompanying this child?" I had that sinking feeling. I noticed my Mum had ducked behind the No.7 counter and was intensely looking at eyeliner in a shade of green that would never suit. I girded my loins, took a deep breath and turned around to find Lea pointing at me (rather like the boy in the Japanese, and far superior, version of The Ring,) saying "There's our Daddy." to the afore mentioned assistant who was holding a bawling TJ by one hand and a destroyed bottle of Marc Jacobs' new fragrance "Dot" in the other. 'Dot' is packaged in a beautiful bottle resembling a flower and was placed on display in the centre of the aisle. TJ was pretending to be a butterfly and flying around the 'flower' looking for nectar when Lea decided to swat him... Cue dropped floral bottle, screaming children and general chaos. Turns out Lea didn't get the butterfly reference and believed TJ to be a particularly vicious wasp in need of instant death....

My Mum quickly paid for her purchases whilst the assistant kept telling me it was ok and that I didn't have to pay for the damaged perfume as it was 'only a tester.' It was just a shame she said this through gritted teeth which kind of took away from the sincerity of her claim.

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