Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Battle of Wills

I am sure most people with children go through this all of the time and to be honest I have dealt with a few issues but tonight was off the scale.... I blame the 'end of term party' that left me with two overly hyper sugar filled kids.... We are now on the 'downer' effect of the day.

Tea time and TJ demands that I let him eat his sandwiches in front of the TV. "not today," I tell him, "We only do that for a weekend treat." however, I let him watch to the end of the show and then turned the TV off... Pandemonium ensued. A tantrum like you have never seen. I've thrown a few in my time but this beat any one of my tiara moments (as we fondly call them). I sent him to his room to continue with his tantrum in private and now, half an hour later, he is still at it. Obviously I have now turned off the TV for the night much to his increased anguish.

I then serve Lea her sandwiches, cucumber with the crusts cut off, maybe she is a little too demanding as well. She asked for an orange squash and I gave it to her. "Where's my straw?" she demanded. I am now taking deep breaths to stay calm. "we only have straws for a treat." I tell her. So in a fit of instant rage she throws the entire cup across the table. I think Lea now believes I have some kind of teleport device as she was in her room before he even had time to blink.

I then seemed to channel my own Mother as I found myself shouting up the stairs to two crying kids in two separate rooms "If you two don't stop crying I'll give you something to cry about." I'm not even sure I know what that means but it seemed to fit the occasion.

I have just cleaned up the sticky mess and have been trying to rescue my gorgeous silk table runner bought as a wedding gift in Singapore....

I will take the kids their meals to their rooms and then I guess it's an early night for all. I know Papa loves to come home to a quiet house, but I am not sure if that includes the undercurrent of sheer annoyance he will get tonight....

Poor Papa...... At least I didn't tell them to 'wait till your Papa gets home' mainly because he hates it when I use him as a threat and secondly because when I do use him as a threat he just shrugs and doesn't do anything about it - which only annoys me even more!

Roll on the summer holidays!

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