Sunday, 29 July 2012

My Chinese son....

We were all watching the Olympic archery event this morning and unfortunately team GB didn't do well against the Russians. "I'm not supporting Britain anymore." TJ suddenly says, "They don't win enough medals!"

I explained to him that this was only the first couple of days and there would be lots of opportunities for Team GB in the coming Days. TJ looked at me, "How long does this go on for?" he asked, "Two more weeks," I told him. "I'm not waiting that long!" TJ exclaimed, "From now on I'm Chinese cause they win at everything.".... Winning is very important to my son!

Both boys are now glued to the men's swimming. TJ turns to Lea and says, "We can both swim much better than that, especially when I take my arm bands off!"

Modesty is not one of TJ's strong points....

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