Wednesday, 18 July 2012

End of Term Party Day.... Woo Hoo...

July 18

Today the children rushed off to school with eager smiles on their eager little faces. Today they will be having their class end of term parties. Fantastic. Straight after a school lunch my little darlings will be force fed cakes, sweets and mini sausages all washed down with cheap orange squash until they are bouncing off the ceilings - at which point it will be time for me to collect them from school. I may take the dogs lead and let them run home behind the car.

Except that, as I learned this morning, very often the fairy cakes and mini sausages I lovingly prepared for them - well, purchased for them - do not actually make it to the party table for all to share. No, apparently, during the morning break my two little imps nip behind a bush and consume all the goodies in their schoolbags by themselves. I found this out when I told KC that I had put a double pack (buy one get one free) of mini sausages in his bag and his reply was "Not sausages again Daddy, I ate so many last time I felt sick."
"They were to share with your class," I replied.
"I didn't want to do that." he said, "I dont like most of them anyway."
Great. I am raising Mussolini.

TJ seemed very pleased with his bumper pack of Fairy Cakes with smarties on. I soon realised that his intentions were not entirely honourable either. "I will call school to make sure that your teachers get both sausages and fairy cakes" I said. They looked suitable crest fallen. Hopefully, the food parcels will get through to the starving children.

Mind you, I did some volunteer work at the school last week and what did I spy in the teacher's lounge? - piles of pre-wrapped cakes and biscuits. "We keep the better ones the parents send in for ourselves." I was reliably informed and indeed all the major brands were represented and Waitrose made a particularly good showing. Well, I certainly feel less guilty for sending in Aldi pre-wrapped sponge fingers, at least I know the kids will get them!

The children finish for the six week 'break from hell' tomorrow at 1.15 - just after lunch. I assume the teachers are all in the pub by 1.20. The reason for this early break is because on Friday it is staff training day - why they couldn't keep the kids until the end of the day on Thursday escapes me - I wouldn't even mind if the teachers decided to take the kids with them to the pub. I have discovered that being a parent brings out the worst side of me, the part that will beg anyone to keep my kids in school for just twenty minutes longer. It reminds me of being a child and begging my parents to let me stay up and watch 'just this last commercial, just this one... please....'. 

I don't mind staff training but our school has a 'training day' at the end of every term and another one at the beginning of every term - so whilst everyone elses little darlings return to school we get an extra day of 'quality time' with ours. I am honoured that my children attend a school with the best trained staff in the country.

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