Thursday, 26 July 2012

Summer Holidays - Day 6, Trip to Granny's

Wow! Today was even hotter than yesterday. It easily hit thirty degrees out there and today was the day that we decided to drive up to Granny's... A good four hour trip. But, to be honest being sat in an enclosed space with two small children and air conditioning was far better than being stuck with two small children in a hot house with both kids saying that it was too hot to go outside.

So off we went....

On the whole it has been a pretty uneventful journey.... Until we stopped at the service station. My bribe had been that if they were good then the children could have a burger when we stopped. Naturally we stopped and burgers were had. Following the break both kids needed the toilet and we duly went. Afterwards I told them to wash their hands whilst I used the facilities. As I was going I heard a sudden commotion behind me... I quickly finished what I was doing and turned around to find that TJ had placed his head under the hand dryer and had managed to get himself stuck in the process. He was screaming with fear, and probably heat, whilst the sister stood there howling with laughter. It tuned out that TJ had got his hair stuck in the metal air blowing part of the dryer! How he even managed to get his head under there I don't know, my feeling is that his sister had something to do with it... I quickly freed him, by pulling him hard and leaving a handful of blonde hair in the dryer. This created more tears and I was left looking as if I had manhandled my child and dragged him from the toilets to the car park via a particularly viscous barbers.

We hurriedly got back in the car and headed back up the motorway.

A little earlier that day both boys had asked to look at pictures of my family. Unfortunately, my father died a few years ago from cancer. The boys pulled out a picture of myself and my brother sitting on my Dad's knee. "Who's that?" TJ asked. "Its my Dad," I replied, "but he's dead now."
"Do you think he would have liked me?" TJ asked. "I'm sure he would have loved you." I replied. "I would have liked to have met him," said TJ. I looked at him lovingly... "Then he would have bought me a scooter."

Sometimes I think I am raising the most selfish children in the world.... Until I go down the local supermarket, when I realise mine are angels.

They are finally in bed now.... Let's see what tomorrow brings!

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