Saturday, 21 July 2012

Back to the Isle of Sheppey - Twice

Summer Holidays - Day 2

Today the sun is actually shining and it's really warm. To celebrate this fact we went back to the glorious (and fictitious) seaside resort of Seatown. Yes, the whole of Kent is bathed in near 30 degrees sunshine, all that is apart from this resort where it has been tipping down all morning.

We dropped KC off at the village hall for his rehearsal and got out of there as fast as we could. We went back to Tesco-on-Sea to do a bit of shopping and partake of their £4.25 8 item English breakfast. It was on the way there that I noticed the main road was called Hellview... Hmmm, apt. Then as we went into the Supermarket I noticed that the letter 'O' had fallen from their cheery greeting sign and simply read, yes, 'Hell'. It was as I was pondering this omen and deciding if it actually meant anything that the fire alarms went off. As we were being evacuated I was waiting to see if I would suddenly wake up and realise that I was actually living through a particularly bad episode of the Final Destination franchise. Well, they have done it all now, airports, roller coasters, a falling bridge, so why not Tesco's in Sheerness? As it happens it was a false alarm. What was really telling was the number of people who had to be prised away from their shopping trolleys in order to be evacuated from the possible inferno. They hadn't even paid for their shopping but it was obvious that losing their 'buy one get one free packet of toilet tissue (particularly good value) was far more important than saving their own lives. Also, once they had been evacuated, the loyal Tescomites, all stood around the doorway arching their necks to ensure that their trolleys were still safe in the now empty store. Had there been an explosion I don't think anyone would have survived. Well, apart from the staff who were all lining up in the car park for their manager's head count whilst sneaking a quick cigarette.

I turned to point this out to Papa but he wasn't there.... No he was arguing with a kitchen assistant about having to leave his breakfast in order to be evacuated. Before he left the store he had negotiated a new plate of hot food and two free coffees. Well, he is Singaporean. Once the deal was made and signed in triplicate he agreed to leave the store.

The manager gave the all clear and the crowd all raced back in pushing each other like an episode of 'supermarket sweep' in order to get back to their trolley before someone realised they had the last 'half price tub of finest coleslaw' (also very good value).

Papa duly finished his breakfast and I enjoyed my free latte before we went back to collect our son.

You may recall that last week we were informed that this week would see the Seatown Carnival and that the roads would be closed after twelve. We raced across the island and got there around 11.30. Just in time to see the residents getting into their fancy dress and putting together their floats. It actually looked like a lot of fun, everyone seemed to be going as gypsys or pirates.... Until we realised that they hadn't got their costumes on yet. When they had put their full regalia on it was obvious that they had, as a community, chosen to became members of the Flintstone family and suddenly the streets were full of people running around randomly shouting 'Yabba Dabba Doo.' Maybe it's a Seatown tradition? Anyway, I grabbed KC pushed him in the car and we sped off home.

We are back in Sheerness tonight for the big theatrical extravaganza that is KC's first public performance, we are all very nervous, especially me, I am expecting to retire and live off his earnings. I'll let you know how that goes....

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