Thursday, 22 November 2012

Great Fire of London - Panic!

Apologies for not posting yesterday - my eldest has decided it would be great fun to infect the entire family with a strain of flu as yet unrecognised by medical science. He had it for one day... then was fine and skipping off to street dance followed by tag rugby (I am desparate to combine those two) but left the rest of us, particularly Papa and myself, suffering horribly - probably for weeks on end. TJ got up this morning and began to sneeze. 'Uh-oh,' he said, 'I'd better stay at home today so you can look after me.' As 'looking after' means he lies in bed demanding the world on a plate (well his meals at least) I decided he would be better off at school!

Yesterday was dreadful. I began with the flu in the morning and everything seemed to take on a life of its own. I got up late - I just couldn't seem to operate the shower and shaving took forever. Then I got the boys up - by now we were running late anyway. KC wanted porridge for breakfast - so I got that on, with a happy smile as the milk boiled over in the microwave. We had a rushed breakfast and I sent the kids up to get dressed. KC got dressed really quickly, so he could feed the rabbits before school - he is very consienscious  where they are concerned - ask him to do homework and it's another matter! TJ came down the stairs fully dressed. Then time seemed to stand still as he suddenly said, 'Why am I in my school uniform? Today is dress up day!'

I looked at him and my jaw hit the floor - at the same time I heard the bin men coming up the street - 4 hours early!!!! I told TJ to get upstairs and take his clothes off. I then shot past a stunned KC who was happily feeding rabbits my new brussels sprouts (he hates brussels sprouts and obviously thinks I haven't noticed that they keep disappearing out of the fridge) into the garage to collect the two weeks worth of recycling and get it outside - just as the truck was pulling up to our house. 'Wait...  please!' I implored the binmen. They did so, luckily, as I pulled out three bags of fortnightly waste. They stood and watched me struggle down the drive - they can't collect it from anywhere but the kerbside. As I put it down the bin man said 'We thought we would do your street first for a change.' I looked up the street and it was full of half dressed men and women rushing their bin bags down to the road waving at me. I was doing my bit by holding the eager bin men up.

Then I remembered TJ and that we were already late for school. I raced in to find him lying naked on his bedroom floor examining an insect bite on his bottom. 'I think I've been bitten by a vampire.' he told me. Why any vampire would want to bite him there escapes me. I didn't dwell on it. 'Get dressed,' I yelled. 'Into what?' he yelled back.

I was perplexed....

Then I remembered that today they were focussing on the Great Fire of London and  luckily KC did that the year before so I raced into his room and pulled out the costume from last year - a mish mash of three quarter velvet knickerbockers, black football socks, a white shirt and black waistcoat - topped off with school shoes and a flat cap!  TJ put them on in record time and as quickly as they went on, they fell off. TJ is still very small for his age and KC's clothes literally fell off him. So I ran and grabbed safety pins and began pinning the clothes wherever I could. TJ looked at me, 'Why are you sweating?' he asked - 'Because I am running around after you!" I replied - probably unfairly. 'I don't care about dressing up, I wanted to wear my Arsenal kit.' he said scornfully. How much easier that would have been.

But I bundled both boys out the door and we ran to school.

I dropped them at the gate and breathed. Then I remembered my car was in for its service in 6 minutes time and my friend who was meeting me at the garage so we could go for coffee was now calling me to find out where I was. I ran back home. I got to the garage and my friend said, 'You look really hot, is everything ok?'

I dont think she was prepared for the barage of abuse that came from my mouth - but she bought me a coffee anyway....

Anyway it was nothing compared to what Papa got when he got in that evening. 'Did you send that email?' he asked. 'I'm sorry, I forgot, I have been really busy today.' I replied as I was cooking his dinner.

'Busy doing what?' he said sarcastically, 'We havent got a trampoline anymore for you to play on....' . I think he thought this was funny - he soon realised it wasn't....

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