Thursday, 15 November 2012


Today it was the turn of Bluewater (Europe's largest shopping destination) to be the cause of my lack of work.

A good friend of mine needed help shopping.... I say help, she actually needed someone to agree with her and convince her that spending a lot of money was a good thing... Oh and to carry her bags! Seriously, it was a lovely trip and a much needed diversion.

Yesterday I encountered the pensioners en masse, today it was the turn of the young mum with the pushchair.... And even a dreaded double buggy!

Wherever we went there they were chatting away and blocking the aisles. Great fun! Well, of course, it became even more fun once the little darlings started bawling!

Mind you, if there is a recession there was certainly no sign of it today and my friend did her best to relieve the debt crisis. I even succumbed to the retail frenzy myself and got some early birthday presents for our eldest.

It was soon time to come home and today TJ was bringing a friend home for a play date. I say play, but they actually played together very little. They ate all my chocolate cake and drank a gallon of lemonade. After their consumption the boys rushed off to play the wii, which lasted ten minutes then they went their separate ways... One to play the guitar in one room and one to play table football. But they both seemed happy. When it came time for the boys to leave I asked him if he and TJ had a good time. "Yeah," came the reply, "I love playing with TJ"." So there you go.... They had a good time and that was the main thing.

KC then came home from his first day at rugby.... Covered in mud but happy as ... Well, as a kid covered in mud!

So straight in the bath for him while I cook lasagne.... Apparently that's what rugby players eat!!!

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