Thursday, 8 November 2012


The title sounds like a trashy horror movie... I wish it was. Although sometimes our eldest child's nocturnal walkabouts have given us both a shock.

Once whilst watching the movie 'Insidious' (about the possession of a small boy by an evil being) TJ suddenly appeared in eerie silence in the living room doorway backlit by the hall light - my popcorn flew across the room and Papa squealed like a small girl - or large meerkat, depending on your viewpoint. Upon hearing our commotion TJ simply opened his eyes and stared (which caused Papa to cower) before simply turning around and going back to bed.

The other night I heard a noise from the bathroom - rushing in expecting the worst I found TJ singing to himself whilst placing all his teddies and soft toys into the bath. I managed to steer him back to his room just before he turned the water on and drowned the lot of them. Can you imagine explaining that to a 7 year old next morning? But it did have the look of The Shining about it, especially as he grinned inanely whilst placing each toy next to each other in their pond of death.

TJ has a mid sleeper bed - one that has a pirate theme, so it has a hide out underneath. A hideout where the cat likes to sleep. A couple of nights ago I went in to find TJ standing in the corner of his bed - perilously close to falling out. 'What are you doing?' I shouted - not realising he was asleep. 'You have to save the cat... save him!!!!!!!' TJ screamed back at me - I have no idea what that was about but in the morning TJ simply got up and said, 'I dont think the cat should sleep in my room anymore.'... To be honest, I think the cat was relieved. He had seen what happened to the toys the night before....

Well, last night TJ went for one of his walkabouts and I steered him back to bed just before he went down the stairs - he had a need to turn the lights on... I have no idea why but it was very important to him that we burn as much electricity as possible. He got back into bed and lay there staring at the ceiling with his eyes open (that's always freaky) then told me he was cold and pulled his covers over him before drifitng back to that most beautiful of childish states - sleep. Its funny how we stand for ages and coo over our slumbering darlings and smile when they snuffle or snore. In my own experience if I so much as make a little bit of noise I am dug in the ribs and told to turn over or even go into the other room - where is my adoring gaze??????

I digress... so this morning TJ got out of bed and proudly showed my the video he had taken with his leap pad - of him sleep walking. He didnt believe me when I told him of his walkabouts so he set his recorder up and it had captured the moment he left his room. I now think he may have staged it in a 'Paranormal Activity' type of fashion... but it was pretty cool (and a little bit creepy) to watch. But at least now he will believe me when I tell him of his night time habits!

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