Thursday, 29 November 2012

Washing Machines and Colds

I am full of yet another cold!

When people talk about the joys of having kids (apparently there are some) they dont mention the constant cold you will have - every time I get rid of one set of germs provided by one child, the other one walks through the door and sneezes on me - thus ensuring that I now have another set! In fact this game of 'relay flu' has been going on since the beginning of the school year and I feel as though I have been constantly ill. Before the kids came along I was the picture of good health - gym going, luxury travel suntanned, well dressed... now I look like a bag lady extra from an American Crime series with constant tissues, last seasons clothes that no longer fit and the only reason my skin is darker is because I barely get time to wash (I exagerrated that last bit - I do still keep clean - but I daren't scrub too hard or I will take on the skin tone of Gollum - actually, I think I currently resemble him!) Scary....

Needless to say Joseph and Mary decided not to take our house - typical - as Papa said, its the first time that they turned the innkeeper down. I imagine that is what it would be like if Mary and Joseph toddled up to a Premier Inn and found Lenny Henry sitting on their bed.  They would be out of there in a shot dragging the star above them.... Not that I have anything against Premier Inns - it could just as easily have been a Travel Lodge!

Yesterday, the children came back from school covered in mud - it looked as though they had decided that mud wrestling was a great new sport - only they did it fully clothed! so i got them through the door and tossed their coats, trousers etc into the washing machine. I came downstairs to find them both staring into the turning drum, 'Look that coat's yours' KC said excitedly to TJ... They sat there transfixed watching the washing go round for at least 15minutes... I wonder why we ever needed TV now!

This morning was the first really cold day of the Winter. Bitter! TJ  came downstairs and said "Daddy, I'm wearing hot pants to school today!" I stood there dumbfounded and then he explained that he had warmed his trousers up on the radiator and now they were lovely and toasty... phew!

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