Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Advent Begins....

What a weekend.... On Saturday it was the school Christmas Fayre... And I was an over weight elf selling over priced reindeer food.... When did that happen? When I was a kid we left a carrot and a glass of sherry out for Santa and his reindeer. Now Santa requires a whole meal energy boosting food complete with magic dust and glitter for his reindeer and probably a pair of Uggs for himself. My partner in crime for the day was my police woman friend, who was also an elf. This worked out quite well as earlier in the day KC asked me why I had 'magic dust', surely only Santa had the magic. I pointed out that our friend was a policewoman and as such could be trusted with magic dust and had it locked away in her police car. He accepted that, so all was good.

The fayre (yes they did spell it like that) was great fun and the kids had a great time. Apparently there were lots of positive comments about our stall so we must have done something right! Papa had to look after the kids for the day.... I'm surprised he had any hair left, they went bonkers and had a whale of a time... At Papa's expense!

We opened the advent calendar this weekend and the children are beginning to get excited... TJ asked if he could open all the little doors today. I looked at him inquisitively but he simply said, 'if we do that then it will be Christmas tomorrow!' You have to love his ingenuity. Then he told me what he was going to be in his nativity play next week... An angel! I nearly fell over in shock... Obviously his teacher was having a laugh. But no, he is to be an angel and will do a dance over the Blessed Family. God help them! However he has informed me that I am to make his costume... It has to be white and have Wings but it has to be an angel costume for a boy... So white shorts and white football socks are the order of the day, apparently all boy angels wear football kits! Well at least it's an easy costume to put together.... I guess all the boy angels will be wearing England football kits!

My fantastic cleaner was in today, she spotted my two boxes of Turkish delight, "you are liking Turkish delight?" She asked with a wistful tone. Thinking the sight of it had made her homesick for her native land I offered her a box. "I can't take it," she said. "It's ok,.' I replied, 'it was buy one get one free from Sainsburys'. She looked at me disdainfully, "Just because I am Turkish it does not mean that I like Turkish Delight." I suddenly felt horribly racist... She stared at me.... " but... I do like pistachio nuts!' Well, that's cleared that up, and at least I know what to get her for Christmas this year....

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