Monday, 10 December 2012

Birthday Weekend

This weekend marked KC's 8th birthday. I cant believe how fast the time has flown by. He wanted to go horse riding for the day so we went down to meet our friends and everyone had a riding session - even Papa - everyone except me, as I am horribly allergic to horses - the mere thought of them makes me sneeze!!!!!!

KC had a great day and his Godparents completely upstaged our gift of a skateboard (which he had been asking for for ages) by giving him a lizard - well, a leopard gecko. All other presents were forgotten about - only the gecko - now called Climby (as he climbs over everything) was the centre of attention.

Ginger the bunny had been attacked by his brother Shadow a couple of days ago. Luckily no major harm was done but a bunny battle can be quite viscious and poor Ginger ended up spending most of the day at the vet. Turns out the pet shop - whom I won't name here - had told us these bunnies were around 12 weeks old and would need their 'chop' when they were 6 months. however, upon seeing the afflicted rabbit the vet turned him over and grabbed his bits saying 'this bunny is definately mature!' So now the rabbits are booked in for the snip on Wednesday - until then they have to separated. KC was in floods of tears when he saw Ginger and he held it close to him simply saying 'don't die, Ginger, don't die.' It was heartbreaking. I explained that Ginger would be ok but that he and Shadow needed a special injection to make them be nicer to each other. TJ looked up at me - 'Will I need that injection too?' he asked. I looked at him, 'Sometimes, I think it would help a lot,' I replied, 'but I dont think you would thank me for it.' We left it at that.

Yesterday we had a Christmas party with the local adoption support group. It was great fun and packed! As we left KC said to me, 'Are all those children adopted?'. 'Most of them,' I replied. 'But they were just normal,' he said. Its things like that that make adoption support so necessary. The kids know they are different to other children in their school but it is so important for them to realise that they are not so different.

As soon as we entered the hall Papa started to sneeze. 'I hope you are not coming down with anything,' I said caringly, 'I have my work's Christmas party to go to tomorrow and I don't want to miss it!' He assured me he would be fine. Then this morning he couldn't move - the poor guy ached all over. 'I blame those kids,' he said, 'I'm obviously allergic to them.' He now refuses to enter a room where there are more than 4 children.

So today I have two small children under my feet playing with various animals whilst Papa lies in bed shouting orders for endless cups of tea and lemsip!

I am still going to my party though - he will just have to make his own tea!!!!!!!!

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