Thursday, 20 December 2012

Fever Pitch...

Today I have had a complete roller coaster of a day. Completely barking!!!!!

This morning TJ and KC swapped roles - TJ decided that he was now well enough to go to school (I think that fact that today was his class Christmas party had something to do with it) and KC decided that he would come down with a fever and a cold. So TJ skipped off to school while KC sat in bed. And I got to look forward to another day stuck at home twiddling my thumbs whilst knowing there were still a million and one things to do before the big day next week. Or that was the plan...

By 10am KC was racing around the house - his cold miraculously cured - asking to watch TV all day and eat spaghetti bolognese - I had been successfully duped by an 8 year old!!!! Then I got the call from the school - TJ's nose had pretty much exploded, his temperature was over 40 degrees and he probably needed immediate medical attention. So KC was packed off back to school faster than his fibbing little legs could carry him - luckily, the only thing going on was the class Christmas party (I'm sure the teachers love this time of year - they get the parents to send in the food and then leave the kids with the nasty Poundland mince pies whilst they tuck into the Waitrose ones in the staff room). I collected a very blood stained and morose TJ and headed off to the walk in medical centre - after being advised by the doctors receptionist that A and E had a three hour wait - the medical centre only had a 90 minute one... great!

My past experiences of A and E havent been particularly good - the medical centre was even worse. Seriously, I'm sure I have caught something. The place was full of children with various ailments. I carried TJ in - 'Why's his nose bleeding?' the receptionist barked. 'Because he has a very high fever,' I replied. 'OK she said - but nose bleeds usually have to go to A and E.' We were allowed to stay.

About 3 hours later the doctor saw us - by now, TJ was practically comatose in my arms. But at least the bleeding had stopped. TJ has a rare medical condition. The doctor saw this and asked if he had any family members with the same condition in case TJ needed a blood donor. It was a question I had never even thought of. The boys have different fathers and KC doesn't have the condition - but TJ has other full siblings who are adopted elsewhere. So somehow I shall have to find their families - what if one day they need help like this - or, heaven forbid, TJ needs that blood off them? We can't go to the birth family. Its one of those sudden 'adoption reality checks' we have every now and again. Of course the doctor doesnt know he's adopted, nor that we are gay. So he  ploughs on asking questions about the boy's mother, was she the carrier - what about siblings. I had to stop the doctor and tell him that TJ was adopted. I don't mind but all of this is done in front of him and as you never see the same doctor at these medical centres you are always repeating the story. There is a letter that I have written and is on TJ's file - but no doctor ever seems to read it.

Anyhow, the upshot is that TJ is now dosed up on anti-biotics after catching a nasty virus.

But on the upside, the major pet store - where we purchased the boy's bunnies - that turned out to be full grown adults and decided to try and kill each other in front of the children, called and offered to pay the vet bills, refund the cost of the rabbits and give us a second hutch so we can separate the two bunnies and don't have to disappoint the children by giving one back - that was a lovely gesture and seemed to come from a genuine need to correct their mistake.

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